Functor Group to launch new websites, stay tuned!

Stay tuned for the imminent launch of our stunning new websites.

We have a team of brilliant designers and developers doing amazing work on our brand new servers! If you cannot wait for the launch, why not check us out on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in our various feeds for subsidiaries Functor Consulting AB as well as Functor Group AB, and for our products Functor Scalor™ and Functor Prevent™ with the new Functor Hybrid Testing™ method for next-generation static analysis combined with testing, and Language-Driven Development™ with our meta programming platform supporting embedded domain-specific languages and domain engineering, DDD, as never done before.

Acquire PDF product information material by contacting us by email to If you wish to boost software testing and defect prevention, you would probably be interested in Functor Prevent™ supporting any C compiler complying to C standards. Our Research Engineer put it quite simply - "anyone who does testing is a potential customer". Are you one of them?

Functor, founded in 2011, is a research spin-off company from Oxford University, University of Cambridge, Uppsala University, Royal Institute och Technology and Uppsala University. Functor Group AB is based in Kista, Sweden, as are also the subsidiaries Functor AB and Functor Consulting AB.

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For the launch of Functor's new official websites — check back soon!