Functor tolaunch a new website
with cloud services on powerful servers!

We are days away from showing you something quite exciting here. We innovate the future of software engineering at Functor, nothing less than that. We pioneer entirely new software technology, fundamentally changing the game for software, and software is everywhere today and drives innovation and growth! You can visit our social media pages (links below) the coming few days. We suggest you brace yourself for the imminent lauch. Our teams have been rather busy ...

Learn about the new technology here.

We are recruiting!

Functor Group AB, with its subsidiaries Functor AB and Functor Consulting AB, is a spin-off company, founded in early 2011, from Uppsala University, KTH, Stockholm University, University of Cambridge and Oxford University. Functor offers a new combined static analysis and hybrid testing tool and method (over 50% of bugs in C code can prevented) and a meta language modelling tool for domain engineering and DSL programming. Functor unleashes the next programming paradigm (STEW 2012) with zero learning curve. We innovate the future of software engineering! Begin with Functor Prevent™ and take easy steps to the Functor Scalor™ meta programming platform and framework. We have brought to the industry products that unleash no less than four decades of Swedish world-leading research, with now proven significant value and risk reduction, time to market reduction, for a broad range of software development projects, supporting industrial toolchains and best practices by design.