Functor Group AB with subsidiary Functor AB, forms a spin-off from no less than five universities — KTH, Cambridge, Oxford, Stockholm and Uppsala University. Founded in late 2011, we offer, after extensive product development efforts, new tools for ground-breaking static code analysis and a new kind of hybrid testing of software.

Our new technology, pioneered in our products, comes from over four decades of research. It had not been used in software development in the industry before our products came to be. This core technology means a leap in productivity with high-level modelling but also offers with Functor Hybrid Testing™ early defect prevention that is much more powerful than other static code analysis and testing tools based on other technologies.

You can read more about our tools and the new hybrid testing method on our still evolving website, but to really understand the power of a new paradigm now unleashed in easily adopted tools for the new constructive programming paradigm.


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